9 Pastry Recipes that Taste Great with Morning Coffee

I’ll just come right out and say it. Pastries are the true breakfast of champions. Pastries are delicious, which makes you happy, which means your day starts out right, which means you have a good day. So in summary: pastries are an excellent breakfast, especially when paired with the perfect cup of coffee. So try one of these nine pastry recipes and start your day out right.

1. Cheesy Puff Pastry Baked Eggs


From Just a Taste

This option contains a whole baked egg so it has plenty of protein to get you going. They are also very pretty with the yellow yolk against the white surrounded by perfectly cooked pastry crust. The best part is that these are made with only four ingredients so they are easy to whip up, even on a weekday morning.

2. Brioche Doughnuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream


From What Molly Made

Even the name of these just sounds divine. A pillowy handmade dough is fried to get a perfect crispy golden exterior, then filled with fresh pastry cream. The best part is that although these sound complicated, they are made with ingredients you probably already have available.

3. Chocolate and Orange Twists


From Lazy Cat Kitchen

Chocolate and orange is a flavor combination made in heaven. These yeasty twists are perfect paired with a foamy french press coffee and some fresh fruit and cheese for a fancy breakfast with European flair.

4. Simple Cherry Pastry Pies


From Sally’s Baking Addiction

These sweet pies are quick and easily made using frozen pastry dough and fresh cherries. You could even substitute frozen or canned cherries so that you have the necessary ingredients on hand in your pantry all the time. Make a large batch to serve to a casual brunch.

5. Raspberry Lemon Mascarpone Pastries

Raspberry Lemon Mascarpone Pastries

From Fork in the Kitchen

The tartness of raspberry and lemon melds wonderfully with creamy mascarpone in these luscious pastry tarts. Also, they are gorgeous with pretty pink raspberries perched on top of fluffy pastry. They are easy to make with frozen pastry dough and fresh ingredients- perfect for a summer ladies luncheon.

6. Cuban Style Guava and Cream Cheese Pastries


From Happy and Blessed Home

This recipe is tropical and easy to follow. It would also be easily adaptable to various other flavors if you simple replace the guava paste with different kinds of jam or even fresh fruit. Pair one with a Cuban coffee and enjoy a taste of Havana for a little breakfast break.

7. Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Muffins

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Muffins

From Tbsp

With only five ingredients, these scrumptious muffins are easy to make yet so impressive. They are more like individual servings of monkey bread than traditional muffins, with the flavor of the gooey center of a cinnamon roll (the best part, obviously).

8. Homemade Toaster Strudels


From Cooking Classy

Never buy boxed toaster strudels again! Homemade ones are fluffy with that special crunchiness that you only find with puff pastry, and you can fill them with the jam of your choice. Have fun experimenting with different flavors. Try freezing them and reheating in the toaster- just like the store bought ones.

9. Sweet Almond Pastry


From The Novice Chef

This sweet almond treat is filled with sweet almond paste or marzipan and topped with sliced almonds. You could also add chocolate for a rich treat. Do not be intimidated by the braid- it is easier than it looks. Slice it up and pair with fresh orange juice for a sweet start to your day.